It is well with my Soul! A must have sterling silver ring.

I ordered your “It Is Well With My Soul” ring and am beyond thrilled with it. This ring is the third I’ve ordered from you and I am totally satisfied with my purchases. I know I will be ordering more items as time goes on.

The reason I wanted to write to you is because of the timing of the ring and the personal meaning of the phrase. Oct. 30 marks the first anniversary of the death of my husband. He was 16.5 years older than I, and the cause of his passing was complications from Parkinson’s Disease and age. I am humbled and proud to have been his caretaker since his diagnosis at the age of 82, and especially comforted that he died at home surrounded by the presence and love of myself and several close family members. We are comforted and encouraged by the surety that he closed his eyes here on earth and opened them in Heaven for Eternity.

The past year has been one of adjustment, of course. Our particular circumstances, and the particular way I am wired, have meant that I have been able to navigate this past year relatively well. All through the year I have been asked, “How are you doing?” and my reply has been a consistent, “I am doing well” and I have been. Actually, I have been doing “weller” each time throughout the year.

When your ring came up for sale I knew I had to have it, for it truly is well with my soul. I’m not ready to stop wearing a ring on my wedding ring finger but due to an arthritic knuckle my wedding ring is difficult to get off and on. This ring is the perfect answer! It represents truth to my life and The One who makes it well with my soul. And wearing it on my wedding ring finger brings a certain comfort as well.

Keep designing your inspiring jewelry and know that it goes far beyond a “pretty bauble” for many of us.

Sue S.
Farmington, CA

It is Well Ring

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