What's My Ring Size?

I want to order one of your rings but don't know my ring size.  How do I know my ring size?

We get tons of emails here at Inspiranza Designs from ladies who want to order a ring but have no idea what size to order.  We want to help by sharing three options.

Option 1

The first and best way to determine your ring size is by having your finger sized by a jeweler.  They typically carry two ring sizers; one to determine your ring size for a standard width ring and another for wider rings.  

If you haven't had your finger sized by a jeweler, don't despair, there are two more options.

Option 2

The second option is our Ring Sizer.  It's a ring sizing gauge that is easy to use.  You simply wrap the plastic gauge

around your finger, push the end through the buckle, like a belt, to form a ring shape around your finger. Adjust to fit and read the size indicated.  To help with our customers who do not wish to visit their local jewelry, or just cannot, we make them available to purchase on our website.  To view and purchase a ring sizer click here

Option 3

The third and final option is one that takes a bit of paper and scissors but can be the quickest way to determine your ring size.

Things You'll Need




Cut a thin strip of paper (approximately 1/8 inches for a narrow ring and approximately 3/8 inches in width for wider rings).  Wrap the paper around your finger making sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.  Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.  Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

Size 5        1  15/16 inches

Size 6        2  1/16 inches

Size 7        2   1/8 inches

Size 8        2   1/4 inches

Size 9        2   5/16 inches

Size 10      2   7/16 inches

Size 11      2   9/16 inches

Size 12      2   5/8 inches

With the paper method and the ring sizer, keep in mind that your knuckle is larger than the area where the ring sits so make sure you don't select a size that is so small that it will not slide over your knuckle.

With all three of our suggested options just remember that wider rings take up more space on your finger and may require you to size up.  Our rings come in whole sizes only so if your ring size is, for example a 7 1/2, then on a wider ring you will always want to go up to the next size, size 8.

We hope these options help to answer the question about what size ring you should order.  We want you to love your jewelry and helping with the fit is the first step to making that happen.


  • Debra Rhorer

    I placed an order 1/20/23. I ordered a Size 8 band ring. In reading comments it’s a thick band and the suggestion was to go up a size. Water retention and all maybe upping from 8 to 9 will be best. I people like to change it from an 8 to a Size 9. I feel that the comfort will be better being that it’s a band. Thank you, always happy with Inspiranza.



  • James Gardini

    Want to buy ur Grateful Dead ring in 2/9/16

  • MARK

    If my wife ring size is 8 i should order an 8 ?

  • Marianne

    There are some very pretty rings that I would like to buy but right now I just don’t have the money my ring size is a 6 just in case I do purchase one.

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