This ring keeps them with me...

Good Afternoon,

I want to tell you how much I love my "It is Well" Ring. I wear it every day.  It's very sentimental to me; my Daddy died November 15, 2016 and my Momma passed away January 21, 2017. They were married almost 62 years.  My heart was broken, and there were days I could not breathe.  The Lord brought the song "It is Well" to my heart and mind.  The song literally helped me get through that sad time. I listen to it all the time.  I still and will always love my Daddy and Momma, and I miss them both every day.  This ring keeps them with me every day; I truly feel as though I can feel their presence.

Thank you so much for designing the ring.

For my Daddy and Momma.

Brenda W., Frisco, TX

It Is Well Ring

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