Summertime Style with Inspiranza sterling silver jewelry

Fashion - make mine Timeless!

Women love fashion and with many styles to choose, we've decided our taste leans toward classic sophisticated elegance – the kind that passed the timeless test.  In our June Fashion Pics we feature a simple white dress with classical lines and a bit of retro fun with the flower cut outs that remind us of the sweeter, lighthearted styles that filled up the days of childhood. 

Then, to add the Audrey Hepburn classical style that we so dearly love, we've selected a straw hat which goes with everything and lends itself to brighter days ahead as we travel the roads of summer.  Coordinating shoes and bag complete the well rounded look of simplicity and functionality.

While selecting, we never surrender to a "popular look" but instead trust comfortable fabric and classic lines to carry us through any function from a Sunday brunch to an evening with Mr. Right. 

Long ago are the days of fitting into trendy styles and surrendering the benefits of being beautiful and comfortable at the same time.  Classic lines, comfortably beautiful, and always prepared to share a smile exposing confidence is the perfect look for any occasion. 

And don't forget that the perfect compliment to a timeless wardrobe is the well-rounded collection of handcrafted jewelry that you’ll find at Inspiranza Designs.  Always timeless, always elegant and simply lovely.  This month's selections, embellishments, include.....

The Cali-Girl Necklace (Sandstone) shown layered with our Eternity Necklace, The Cali-Girl Bracelet (Sandstone) and our Hammered Stack-em up Bangle make the perfect companions to complete our June Fashion Pics. 

Whether you work from home, or are the CEO of a large corporation, the desire to be well dressed is the same.  Inspiranza Designs provides a complete line of jewelry including fashion jewelry with a bit of silver jewelry in the mix.  We’ve taken the time to create the best collection delivering the perfect look.  And, it’s always available in the perfect size!  The right feel, the right fit, the right choice – timeless!

Step out in Summer Style with Inspiranza!

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