It's Pool Time, But Not For Your Sterling Silver Jewels!

Dive into Summer Fun, but Leave Your Sterling Silver Jewels Behind!

Who can resist the allure of sparkling blue pools and shimmering beaches in the heat of summer? As enticing as it may be to jump in while flaunting your sterling silver jewelry, think twice! Why? Because your precious adornments might not be as fond of chlorine and saltwater as you are.
Chlorine and saltwater can dull the luster and inflict damage on your sterling silver pieces. The villains here are not the water but the chemicals lurking in them.
But when it's time for a cleanup, instead of reaching for liquid jewelry cleaner, opt for a chemically treated polishing cloth. It's a safer bet to maintain the shine and integrity of your treasures.
So, go ahead! Revel in the summer fun with the peace of mind that your sterling silver jewelry is safe and sound. Remember, the sun, sand, and surf are all yours to enjoy - just leave your glimmering silver pieces behind!

That's my public service announcement for all my girlfriends. Enjoy summer and...

Let it shine,


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  • Chris

    I have been on my honeymoon for a week now and been in and out of the sea and swimming pools containing chlorine pretty much every day and noticed my wedding band has changed colouring all the way round and basically looks like a continuous black scratch all the way round the entire ring.
    I will not be back home for another 3 days.
    Am I still able to get this problem fixed? And maybe take it to a jewellers to have it cleaned/polished or something to make it look brand new again?

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