Continuous Wire Earrings Are My Favorite Hoop Earrings!

Continuous Wire Earrings Are My Favorites! They are Simply the Best Hoop Earrings!

Being a jewelry girl doesn't mean that my pieces have to be large and heavy. In fact, my favorite earrings are a continuous wire hoop style. They are lightweight which is perfect for all-day wear and the style is timeless. And, of course, you know my favorite metal is sterling silver. Sterling silver continuous wire hoops are Simply the Best!

While I've been wearing this style for decades, lately I've gotten some questions from customers who are new to this style. Their main question is "how do I put them on?". If you are not familiar with continuous wire earrings then let me help educate you on just how easy they are to wear.

A continuous wire earring is a hoop with a thin wire that connects without any additional backing. The hoops are made of various sized tubes, I wear a narrow style, and the wire is thinner and has a hinge on one end and the other end slips into the tube.

There's a bit of play in this style earring allowing you to pull them slightly apart to slip the thin wire through your piercing and then into the tubing to close the circle (that's where the continuous part comes in) behind your ear. Once you slip the thin wire into the tube, you can give the earring a little squeeze to push the wire slightly into the tubing. To remove the earrings, simply pull the tubing, with one hand on the front of the hoop and one hand on the back, pull it only enough for the thin wire to come out of the tube and then slip it off your ear. That's it!

This style comes in a variety of sizes. Hand Forged Hoop Earrings and Simply the Best Hoop Earrings.  Our Simply

Simply the Best Earrings

the Best Hoop Earrings come in 2 inch and 2.5-inch diameter. I'm wearing the 2.5 inch in the photo.

If you love sterling silver, and you are a silver hoop earring girl, try the continuous wire style. I think once you find out just how lightweight and easy they are to wear, you'll be saying they’re your favorites too!


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    I do not see an “add to cart” for the 2.5 inch silver continous hoop earrings

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