I've lost an earring and I am so disappointed!

I Have A Lost Earring!

Right next to that pile of missing single socks from the laundry is where I believe we'll find a pile of single lost earrings.

"I lost one of my earrings and I'm so disappointed."

"I have a lost earring after only one wearing."

"I can't believe I just lost my earring."

I don't know how many emails we've received over the years from disappointed customers who have lost a single earring. I've lost a few myself so I understand the disappointment. After the second or third time of it happening to me, I determined to find a way to help prevent it.

How is it that some ladies have this issue while others never experience it? I don't believe it's due to carelessness. I believe the issue can be a number of possibilities including the type of earring (post vs wire), length of earring compared to length of neck, hair and clothing entanglements and even weather conditions.

Those are the issues so what is the solution?

It seems that dangle earrings, short, medium or long (really of any length), are the most at risk for loss. The first thing I noticed for me personally is that when I wore longer wire dangle earrings, those were the ones I was in danger of losing. I'm a shorter gal and proportionally have a shorter neck. Long earrings and a short neck are the perfect combination for a single earring loss, aka a jumper. I've rescued several near losses as I became more aware of the possibility that longer earrings were "jumpers" and made self-conscious efforts to frequently check my ears with my hands during wearings. That wasn't the best prevention because I still managed to lose a few that jumped out while I wasn't looking.

There's something on the market called earrings backs. I tried applying some earring backs to a pair of earrings and found that the size of the wire didn't always fit into the small holes of those rubber backs. I found that they worked best If I just placed the rubber backs at the base of the earrings and didn't slide them all the way up. But, I also noticed that I could see the little rubber backs and I didn't like that.

To satisfy customer requests we made the rubber backs available for purchase but found that could cause another issue. If the rubber back was forced on a thicker wire it could bend or break the earrings if not put on properly. We do sell earring backs on our site but it is difficult to get earring backs for wire earrings that are universal meaning one size fits all.They just don't make them.

When we have an issue we usually ask our girlfriends what they do. One of my friends told me that she wears pencil erasers on the backs of her earrings but I didn't like that idea so I didn't even try it. Another friend shared what she uses and her idea, I liked. She just pinches the wire at the base of the earring and that's enough to close the gap so it won't slip off. That works for her and it also works for me. She does what?

She places the front of the earring and the back wire of her earring between her thumb and pointer finger and pinches them together while wearing her earring. It's a gentle pinch that closes up the gap enough that it prevents the earring from slipping out over the lobe of your ear. The wire is soft enough that she can still remove it when she's ready and also slip it back in place without pinching it over and over again. It's a simple solution to a long time issue that I found works for me and I hope it will work for you.

When all else fails, we do sell Earring Backs for those who prefer them but if you don't and have an issue with jumpers that you can't solve with any of our above suggestions or backs, we can help. Usually, we can assist with replacing one earring at 50% off by calling Customer Service at 618-719-2444.

From our girlfriend hearts to yours, we hope you'll find these solutions helpful and that they'll ensure you avoiding a lost earring disappointment in your future.

Let it shine!

Earring Backs


  • Deb Meyhoff

    Did you get my message? I’ll make this one shorter, can you purchase just one earring? (Lost one, first time wearing them!)😂

  • Karen Carrow

    I lost one of my “be loved earrings”. ☹️

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